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Warehouse Parts and Sales

Warehouse and Parts Sales

Do you have separate business systems for parts sales and equipment rental?  Can you create a single set of pricing rules for both rental and parts?  Can customers access your parts catalog from their home or office?  


DynaRent fully integrates all the Acumatica's warehouse capabilities so you can run your parts department as efficient as your rental yard.  Acumatica's capabilities for parts sales include carrier integration (e.g. UPS and FedEx tracking and costing), credit card handling, and automatic customer notifications. 

Combine Parts and Rental on a Single Order

You can also mix consumable stock items, like napkins, with rented items, like tables and chairs, in the same order.  You can group common items together to make order entry easier.  There is also a convenient barcoding screen.

Operate a Wireless Warehouse

Remember the old days when you needed to purchase special hardware and a transponder to operate a wireless picking and put-away.  With the Wireless Warehouse module, you can do all this with a cell phone and off the shelf scanning hardware. 

Customer Portal and Web Shopping Cart

Do you have an outdated website?  Does it lack shopping cart capabilities?  Acumatica's Customer Portal allows your customers to browse the catalog and "click to buy".  It shows your entire catalog -- rental and parts sales -- in an easy searchable catalog.  So they can place their order without a phone call. 

Need to improve your image to the customer?  The Customer Portal also let's you open up service tickets for repairs, schedule maintenance, or handle any similar support issues.  With communications back an forth via email on each ticket, your phone time will reduce, your productivity will increase, and your customer will be most impressed with the service they get.

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