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Rental Contract Management

The heart of DynaRent is the rental order screen which holds all the information for the rental agreement with the customer.  Processing rental orders is nearly identical to processing warehouse sales orders.  This makes it simple to cross-training your warehouse and rental counter staff -- the perfect way to accommodate staff vacations and absenteeism.

Rental and Stock Items on One Document

Do your customers ever complain because you cannot combine rented and stock items on a single contract?  Are you using a separate sales system for your warehouse sales? 


With DynaRent this will never happen.  We we combine pricing, commissions, and other item master information on a single file for everything to give you the highest level of integration possible.  

Flexible Billing Options

Often old, legacy rental systems don't give you the flexibility to handle complicated billing situations.  And this can result in using confusing and inefficient work-arounds for your staff. 

But DynaRent gives you the flexibly to decouple the contract from billing and from pickup and delivery.  You may create as many bills as you need to, or just one, AND you can create them automatically or manually.  You are in control.  Do you desire interval progress billing?  Just set up the billing schedule and let DynaRent calculate and email everything.

Is Your Equipment Ever Returned with Damages?

You can stop using separate locations to store pictures and inspection notes about damages to rented equipment. With DynaRent, you collect pictures, notes, sign-offs and retain all everything with the original order. 

You can send an automatic notification to the repair team when something is returned damaged.  And email the customer pictures and notification of the situation when you complete the contract.

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