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The rental rental business is marked by walk-in traffic, fast turn over, and credit cards.  People start business like this on a small scale, often with just a handful of people or family members.  But when the business grows up, the old way of paper and disconnected software systems becomes a yoke around the business’s neck. 


A better way involves advanced software features for integrated credit verification, customer authentication, and email marketing.  You can see these capabilities in the DynaRent features indicated here.

Provide customers easy quoting and reservations

Support walk-in traffic or phone in reservations

Provide instant answers to availability of scarce equipment

Provide a reservation without making a reservation

Automatically check customer insurance coverage limits

Complete your order with one click

Complete the order

Create the invoice

Accept payments like: cash, credit card, check

Automatically email it or print the paper copy

… All with a single click – just hit QuickBill

Chose how you want to return your order

Use a mobile phone to record damages

Use the Warehouse Return screen to return by item and customer

Automatically add charges for lost and damaged items

Offer grace periods to customers based on late return / early checkout

Or return complete in one click with QuickBill

Manage complicated orders 

Organize groups of commonly rented things into a kit

Monitor your asset valuation exposure on large orders

Track items coming in and out of service and repair

Manage taxation across multiple states and taxing authorities

Obtain electronic signature from remote customers