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Image by Sven Brandsma

Retail Rental

The rental rental operators daily face walk-in customers who expect fast turn over.  People start business like this on a small scale, often with just a handful of people or family members.  But when the business grows up, the old way of paper and disconnected software systems becomes a yoke around the business’s neck. A better way involves advanced software features for integrated credit verification, customer authentication, and email marketing.  Here's a few of DynaRent's store-friendly features:

Provide Customers Easy Quoting and Reservations
  • Support walk-in traffic or phone in reservations

  • Let the customers pre-order with a shopping cart and on-line catalog

  • Provide instant answers to availability of scarce equipment

  • Provide a reservation without making a reservation -- that's right, just ask us

  • Automatically check customer insurance coverage limits

Complete your Order With One Click
  • Complete the order

  • Create the invoice

  • Accept payments like: cash, credit card, check

  • Automatically email the rental contract or print a paper copy

  • All with a single click – just hit QuickBill

Chose How you Want to Return Your Order
  • Use a mobile phone to record damages and return the item from the yard

  • Use the Warehouse Return screen to split the return across multiple orders

  • Automatically add charges for lost and damaged items

  • Offer grace periods to customers based on late return / early checkout

  • Or return complete in one click with QuickBill

Manage Complicated Orders 
  • Organize groups of commonly rented things into a kit

  • Monitor your asset valuation exposure on large orders

  • Track items coming in and out of service and repair

  • Manage taxation across multiple states and taxing authorities

  • Obtain electronic signature from remote customers

  • Setup special billing policies so you don't have to train counter staff on all your billing rules

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