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Electronics rental companies are a uniquely specialty market offering devices such as audio/video, surveying equipment, or specialty testing machines.  Companies with rental such electronic device fleets like these will ask their software for capabilities such as


Serial number control over everything

Part interchangeability that allows cannibalizing old machines

Kitting of rental items so that the customer can rent a single collection of related items all under a single price


DynaRent handles these needs quite nicely.  Look at some of the features we have that support this.

Put your sales team to work around each show and event you support

Collect everything you need about each show you support– load out, load in, show dates

Send an email notice to registered show attendees about your services

Use the CRM system to call previous customers who attended last year’s show

Manage order creation, booking and commissions for your team

Bill customers properly and get paid promptly

Maintain pricing policies that give better discounts to your bigger customers; vary discount levels by type of equipment

Support credit card payments and credit card preauthorization

Apply necessary charges for late returns and damages

Send monthly or weekly bills on for long-term rentals with no clear end date

Manage all customer contacts via email with complete separation of email recipient by function

Support your drivers and delivery fleet

Manage in-vehicle inventory and tools

Use the driver app to instantly start and stop the rental term from the field

Have your driver collect customer signature on his cell phone


Refurbish, repair, rent and sell

Use your skilled repair technicians to maintain your fleet and maintain the rental fleet of newer equipment

Sell your older equipment when it’s no longer profitable to rent

Track repair history and repair expense by individual serial number