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Electronics Rental

Electronics rental companies are a uniquely specialty market offering devices such as audio/video, surveying equipment, or specialty testing machines.  Companies with rental such electronic device fleets like these will ask their software for capabilities such as:


  • Serial number control over everything

  • Part interchangeability that allows cannibalizing old machines

  • Kitting of rental items so that the customer can rent a single collection of related items all under a single price

Put Your Sales Team to Work Around Each Show and Event You Support
  • Collect everything you need about each show you support– load out, load in, show dates

  • Send an email notice to registered show attendees about your services

  • Use the CRM system to call previous customers who attended last year’s show

  • Manage order creation, booking and commissions for your team

Bill Customers Properly and Get Paid Promptly
  • Maintain pricing policies that give better discounts to your bigger customers; vary discount levels by type of equipment

  • Support credit card payments and credit card preauthorization

  • Apply necessary charges for late returns and damages

  • Send monthly or weekly bills on for long-term rentals with no clear end date

  • Manage all customer contacts via email with complete separation of email recipient by function

Support Your Drivers and Delivery Fleet
  • Manage in-vehicle inventory and tools

  • Use the driver app to instantly start and stop the rental term from the field

  • Have your driver collect customer signature on his cell phone


Refurbish, Repair, Rent and Sell
  • Use your skilled repair technicians to maintain your fleet and maintain the rental fleet of newer equipment

  • Sell your older equipment when it’s no longer profitable to rent

  • Track repair history and repair expense by individual serial number

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