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Image by Juliano Beltran

Equipment Leasing

If you lease equipment to your customers, you know that the service you offer them can separate you from your competition.  The technology available with DynaRent can help you expand that service and take it to a new level.  DynaRent does this by enhancing your capabilities for technician support, emergency repair, routine maintenance, and in-unit telematics.

And for the back-office, we have more.  We made sure DynaRent provides you with the tools for lease contract management, leasing returns, lease extension, rate changes and overall asset management so that your leasing operations process its backoffice transactions with maximum efficiency.  

Perform all Backoffice Leasing and Accounting on a Single Platform
  • Handle the entire life of each lease starting with the lease quote, extending through the contract and it's termination 

  • Extend the lease, change the rates being used, and swap out leased assets as needed

  • Manage subleases and use our Asset Management report to identify excessive sublease activity

  • Conduct lease billing on any recurring cycle you need

  • Let the system automatically calculate a credit for overbilling across a lease termination

Asset Management​
  • Monitor asset revenues and repair costs by unit

  • Pinpoint older assets that need to be sold or disposed

Track Your Assets Using Telematics​
  • Integrate your telematics transponder with DynaRent to provide routine readings as to where the unit is

  • Use the Google map integration we provide to monitor the location of your entire fleet

  • Use this information to coordinate service and repair activities based on where the asset is 

Support for Your Own Service Technicians​
  • Monitor planned maintenance activity

  • Manage in-vehicle repair inventory

  • Keep electronic records of repairs and completed service

  • Attach pictures and documentation to support repair activity

  • Record meter readings for each in-use asset

Work with Outside Repair Crews
  • Provide authorization for needed repairs to any qualified outside repair services

  • Transfer those repair costs into a customer repair order with an automatic mark-up for covering your administrative costs

  • Bill the customer as required according to the terms of your lease

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