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CRM and Accounting

CRM, Accounting, Job Cost, and Manufacturing

Do you currently have any of these problems:

  1. Your accounting software is from a different company than your rental software. 

  2. You maintain two separate customer files because you have two separate systems -- one for accounting and one for rental.

  3. Your CRM software and your accounting software are from two different software companies.


If you said "yes" to any of these questions, give is a call and we can show you a better future.  ​Duplicate data entry and maintaining separate systems, waste time and money.  Acumatica gives DynaRent fully integrated accounting with identical screens processes and workflows.  This, in turn leads to more efficient accounting recordkeeping.  There is no need for duplicating any entry.  And all the workflow is customizable to match the way you do business.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

If you use SalesForce, Goldmine or any other separate CRM software, you're likely manually moving information between your CRM and your sales and rental systems. 

Acumatica has its own Customer Management module that lets you manage contacts, create leads, manage sales campaigns, and communicate with the customer by email or phone.  Acumatica stores all contact with the customer in a central place, including rental orders, parts sales, emails and phone calls.  Each activity includes the employee and date they were logged.

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