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Portable Toilets

If you rent portable toilets and accessories, you probably operate several different software systems. Most portable toilet rental companies rely on three different software systems: 

  • One for routing and tracking daily driver activity,

  • Another for handling rental contracts and billing, and

  • A third for accounting and finance.

Those with smaller operations rely on paper, telephones, and spreadsheets for all of this. But in either case, maintaining these disconnected systems impedes growth and takes valuable management time away from rental and service operations. 

DynaRent gives you a perfect way to impose order on all of this chaos. With one single business system, you can manage all of the far-reaching processes of routing, dispatch, service, setup, tear down, billing, and finance.  

Simplify Route Management, Dispatch, and Driver Scheduling
  • Automatically manage the assignment of new orders into routes​

  • Easily balance daily driver loads

  • Automatically optimize drive time and sequence each
    driver's route

  • Send each day's schedule to the driver's mobile phone

Receive Actual Driver Updates During the Route
  • ​Schedule setup and tear-down separate from cleaning service

  • Get customer sign off on driver visits

  • Receive simple clock in/out status from drivers during a
    service stop

  • Collect actual service time to fine-tune your scheduling and service billing 

Maintain Accurate Records for Service and Rental 
  • ​Record your original contract for service and rental in a single document

  • Manage all changes and adjustments as they arise 

  • Compute and email monthly billing using a single statement showing all combined rental and service activity

  • Manage back-office functions like customer credit, card payments, insurance requirements and collections

  • Use pivot tables to measure service profitability and rental profitability

Image by Amit Lahav
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