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If you support the construction industry by providing scaffolding or shoring systems, you may have found that most rental software packages on the market today are not suited to support your needs.  This is because software companies prefer to focus on the more lucrative rental markets serving the construction industry. 


A customer of ours once defined their unique needs very simply, “We rent tinker toys.”  That was his way of describing a world marked by long term rentals with no return date, large quantities of low cost equipment, and equipment orders that can take several days to move in or out of the yard.  DynaRent does all of this and much more.

Use advanced capabilities to manage large orders

Streamline communications with your estimating department

Build your order from library of preconfigured templates

Copy and modify previous order with two clicks

Organize your large jobs into phases under a single order

Selectively activate each phase as your job unfolds over several months

Schedule your crew based on their skills, availability and each job’s labor requirements

Send contractor billings that support customer accounting requirements

Separate your bills and statements by each customer’s jobs

Impress your customers that ask for all-electronic billing and statements

Calculate tax amounts properly for each job location

Show the customer his outstanding equipment counts on every invoice

List all returns and new rental transactions on each invoice


Account for and collect what you are owed

Enforce minimum rental periods for early return items

Send customer invoices automatically, either on paper, or electronically

Invoice immediately for lost and damaged returns