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Asset Utilization

Are you Maximizing your Earning Potential?

How do you identify broken equipment in your yard?  Do you walk the yard?  Do you have a conversation with the staff processing returns?  If this is the case, we invite you to stop wasting time and money on old ways to solve this problem.  And let us show you how DynaRent gives you a flash report of your entire fleet.

Two Kinds of Visual Utilization

People read patterns and pictures much better than raw numbers. So that's how we designed DynaRent utilization reporting: green indicates items on rent and red were not rented.  Black indicates that when an item was being repaired.  For non-serialized items, you can see how many total you have in the fleet.  And on a given day, you see how many were on rent, being repaired, etc. Plus you can drill into the details and see what customers and orders were involved. 


If you prefer paper, DynaRent has that too.  In fact the utilization report has a footing on the bottom to show you your subrent efficiency.

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