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Construction Tools

Whether you rent to small contractors who transact with a credit card, or large contractors who take out large orders for large projects, DynaRent was built for your needs. Take a look at the feature coverage to help you move everything from jackhammers to lift trucks.  

Maintain Records for Equipment Maintenance
  • When the equipment is issued to the field

  • When the equipment is returned from the field

  • While the equipment is in use

Support Subrental (or Subcontracted rental) of
Another Company's Equipment Fleet
  • Automatically create the purchase order to start the subrental

  • When subrented equipment is returned from the field, issue an immediate, automatic email to the yard manager.

Support a Mobile Return Process That Will Process Equipment Back into the Fleet From Anywhere
  • Allow pictures to be automatically attached to the returned items using the cell phone camera

  • Provide immediate update to the main system directly from the cell phone

  • Create damage charges when equipment is returned dirty or broken

Support Walk-In Traffic at Your Rental Counter
  • Call up an existing reservation made in advance

  • Use our QuickBill feature to expedite rental contract processing

  • Support credit card payments and credit card preauthorization

Get Paid Quicker with Billing Statements formatted for your Customer
  • Group billing charges to your customer under his job number -- so he gets paid quicker and so do you

  • Support different sales tax rates when your business crosses state lines 

  • Accompany each invoice with an accounting of all equipment returns during the billing period

Provide Support for Multiple Locations
  • Easily check equipment availability across all locations

  • Process one order that splits the rental over multiple yards

  • Manage repairs off-line so that the rental counter cannot
    promise "in-service" equipment so until it's ready for service

Insurance Coverage
  • Setup digitally signed contracts 

  • Verify proper insurance coverage prior to contract completion

  • Notify rental contract value exceeds insurance coverage policy limits

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