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Oilfield Service

Anyone who knows the oilfield service business, knows that the best way to get paid is to submit an invoice that confirms to each customer’s exact data format.  We know this as well.  So we use powerful capabilities of the Acumatica product inside DyanRent to give you the ability to an invoice format that properly shows well, lease, and rig information needed for an approved invoice.


But we didn’t stop there, we made sure DynaRent’s ability for equipment service/repair, flexible rental start and stop times, and long and short term billing fit the needs of the oil service rental industry. 

Leverage the Entire Suite of Modules to Run Your Oil Field Service Business​
  • Quote new business using DynaRent’s advanced capabilities for pricing, bidding, and availability

  • Maintain service and inspection records for each piece of serviceable equipment

  • Add crew capabilities to your bid, based on individual certifications and skills by crew member

  • Expand your bid by adding assembly and custom tooling capabilities your business provides

Implement Flexible Billing Policies Required to Compete and Win
  • Provide free or partial rate travel time

  • Support free days for time not in use

  • Manage multiple meter levels per machine, like odometer and hours meter

Format Billing Information the Way Each Well Owner Wants
  • Maintain billing data on lease, well, and rig information

  • Amend this with drillstring and downhole information on each wellsite

  • When the job is finished, provide the well owner with a complete accounting of every aspect of your equipment’s usage and billable time

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