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Heavy Equipment

Every day heavy equipment operators handle problems that most other rental businesses don’t ever see.  This is because heavy equipment rental has its own set of unique needs.  Just ask any rental operator that spent a whole morning handling an improperly filed mechanics lien.  Problems heavy equipment operators face range from managing sales tax compliance across a dozen different states, keeping maintaining the rental fleet’s maintenance records OSHA compliant.  


If your heavy equipment rental fleet, has grown to several hundred, then likely whatever means you where using before to manage your rental business, have been overshadowed by the need to bring all of these functions on a single platform.  That's how DynaRent can help you leave work at a normal time -- every day.

Manage Equipment Orders that Require Documentation and Rigorous Check Out
  • Maintain inspection procedures unique to each kind of equipment

  • Multiple meter and odometer readings per machine

  • Maintain product definition values like horsepower and lift capacity unique to each piece of equipment

  • Somebody needs a lift with a 35 foot reach next Thursday?  Use these unique values to promise availability to a customer with special needs at a precise time

  • Store catalog pictures on the master file

  • Attach instructions and documents to the equipment line items on the order

  • Support add-in charges and handling for companion equipment like an long-reach telehandler or an extended fork

  • Track changes on the order as it is entered and updated – identify who changed what … and when

Stop Using a White Board for Equipment Scheduling

  • Let DynaRent alert you immediately whether or not the requested item is available

  • Hover over a warning message and see instantly which orders are also requesting the same equipment

  • Use DynaRent’s color-coded calendar to instantly see excesses or shortages

Bill for Everything you are Owed

  • Charge for late returns, beyond the allowed grace period

  • Account for damages at the moment the equipment is returned

  • Bill for excess meter usage when the “free use” period is exceeded

  • Record and bill for fuel levels that exceed the allowance

  • Implement minimum usage policy for various types of your fleet

  • Offer free rent days for time not in use

  • Use prorated charges to bill for one-week rentals returned after the initial one-week term

Streamline Subrented Equipment Handling

  • Let the system create the purchase order to your subrented supplier

  • Provide a subrented rate that gives you a fair margin

  • Review the asset management report to see how efficiently you are using subrented equipment

Manage Fleet Service and Repair Costs

  • Determine when something is getting too expensive to maintain

  • Schedule preventive maintenance on fleet items

  • Maintain OSHA-compliant record-keeping

  • Spot machines with repair time with a color-coded utilization report


Impress your Customers

  • Send automatic email alerts for delivery / pickup

  • Communicate with your drivers with our dispatch screen and mobile app

  • Use electronic signatures for everything from contract signing to lien release

  • Use RFID technology to track your machine’s location and service requirements in realtime

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